Welcome to Gravesend Methodist Church
& Community Centre

Dene Holm Church
Dene Holm Road, 
Northfleet, Kent

Sunday Services:

11 a.m. Morning Worship

4.30 p.m. Afternoon Worship 

Parade & Family Service - 3rd Sunday in the month

Marriages & Baptism by appointment


Our History…

In the years following World War II, the area around Dene Holm was open fields and farmland.  There was a desperate shortage of housing and in the 50s plans were put into effect to build what is now called the Painters Ash Estate.  In those plans a plot was set aside for “a church”, with the condition that it be a multi-purpose building which could be used as a community hall. 

Some local Methodists, mostly members at Wood Street Methodist Chapel in Northfleet, already lived in the area by that time and had set up a worship group in Shears Green.  They, together with other people from the local Methodist Circuit, went forward in faith and determination to build Dene Holm Methodist Church.  The grand opening was in September 1958, with the congregation marching down from Shears Green to the dedication service in the church.

Over the years there have been ups and downs in membership numbers, and on one occasion (or maybe more) it was feared that the church would have to be closed for lack of support;  but God was good, and sent people to swell the congregation again.  More recently, discussions have been initiated between the Methodists and Anglicans from All Saints’ in Perry Street, with a view to setting up a Local Ecumenical Partnership and the exciting possibility of a Community Church at Dene Holm.

In the year 2000, our Millennium project was to make the building more recognisable, from the road, as a church.  A simple oak cross was erected on the front wall between the windows, and is illuminated from behind at night.  Many people have commented how good it looks, and indeed does the job intended by marking the hall as a Christian place of worship.  We also have a Millennium Yew, a cutting from a Kentish yew tree proved to be over 2000 years old, and therefore living at the time of Christ.  It is very small at present, but with God’s help it will flourish.

There is still hope in the hearts of those involved at Dene Holm that one day we will build a “proper church” on the land to the west of the present hall.  However, it is the people who make a Church, not the building – as Jesus said, “wherever two or more people are gathered in my name, I will be there also.”

Our Mission…

Build up the Church in Faith and Commitment

§      Nurture of people within the Church by means of worship, fellowship/study groups, and pastoral care.

Continue and Develop Service and Outreach to the Local Community

§      Support and encourage local young people through contact in J Club, Guides and Brownies, Pre-School, and the local primary school.

§      Develop and maintain contact with families on the periphery of the church

Circuit Links

§      Take an interest and support the activities of other churches within the Kent Thameside Methodist Circuit

Ecumenical Links

§      To be represented in the Ebbsfleet Covenant of Churches and be part of the exciting developments taking place in that area.

§      To maintain our close links with All Saints’ Church in Perry Street, and continue discussions with regard to setting up a Local Ecumenical Partnership.


Activities at Dene Holm:

Fellowship Groups

Bible study and prayer groups meet regularly.  Your presence would be valued.

Details in our church magazine.

Wednesday Pop-in

Alternate Wednesdays, 2 -4 p.m.

Come in for a chat and a cuppa

Everyone welcome!

Brownies & Rainbows

3rd Gravesend Rainbows meet on Tuesdays from 4.30 to 5.30pm  

4th Gravesend Brownies meet on Tuesdays from 6.00 to 7.30 p.m.

The Guides meet at Kipling Hall on Wednesdays and join us for Church Parade, usually on the 3rd Sunday morning of the month.

For more details please see the notice board in the porch


Pre-School at Dene Holm

9.15 – 11.45 a.m. and 1.45 - 4.15pm Daily

Other Activities:

   Tai Chi, Tae Kwando, Irish Dancing,   

Trefoil Guild (Guiding for Adults!)

Weight Watchers

Details on the notice board in the porch

Your contacts

Senior Steward:   Ian Angel                     

Stewards:   Martin Prater, Janet Jone-Butler, Alan Fielder

Treasurer & Bookings Secretary:  Sylvia Angel                          

Magazine Editor:   Bob Hawkins


Updated 21/10/2015

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