Welcome to Gravesend Methodist Church
& Community Centre


Who's who at our church


Church Council


Mrs Sheila Allison; (Senior Steward);

 Mrs Mary Onisimo; Mrs Fran Spencer;

 Mr Titus Mak; Mr Emmanuel Eshun; Mrs Melva Mann;

Mr Steve Brereton; Velma Williams; Mrs Hazel Davis

Treasurer: Mr Mike Butler

Secretary: Julie Porter

Pastoral: Miss Joyce Woodcraft

Communion Steward: Mr Alan Day (OM)

Elected Members:

Mrs Linda Brereton; Mrs Maureen Wiltshire; Mrs Phebe Povey;

Mrs Christine Harden; Mrs Kate Hardy; 

Mr Alan Wood; Mr David Young;  Marian Day; 

Deacon Vic Downs; Mrs Anne Downs; 

Barbara Logsdon;


Additional Persons

Mrs Sarah Smith (JMA);

Mr Eric Davis (Property);

Mrs Pauline Wood (HM);

Mrs Margaret Young (Env Sec)  

Mr Robert Hardy (21st Century Fundraising)


Circuit Meeting Representatives

Mr Mike Butler (Treasurer); 

Mr Robert Hardy; Deacon Vic Downs;

Mrs Sheila Allison; Mrs Anne Downs.


Pastoral Team


Pastoral Co - Ordinator: Miss Joyce Woodcraft

Pastoral Visitors:

Mr Michael Butler; Mrs Maureen Wiltshire;   
Alan Day; Mrs Carol Day;
Kate Hardy; Miss Barbara Logsden;
Mrs Janet Parham;
Mrs Phebe Povey;  
Mrs Linda Brereton;Mr
Alan Wood;  
Joyce Woodcraft;   
Mrs Sheila Allison; Mrs Anne Downs;
Mrs Melva Mann.


Children and Youth Groups

Cradle Roll

Mrs Kate Hardy



Mrs Sarah Smith



Other Groups, Teams and Office Holders



Mr Robert Hardy - robert@gravesendmethodistchurch.org.uk


Care Team

Mrs Linda Brereton; 

Mr A. Wood; Mrs Pauline Wood;

 Miss Joyce Woodcraft.


 Christian Aid Support Group

Area Secretary:

Mrs Mavis Prater (St Aidan’s)

Other Contacts:

Mrs Sheila Allison. 

Church Flowers

Mrs Pauline Butler;  Mrs Val Hollick.


Church Music and Worship Support

Organists:  Mr Bruce Davis

Singers:  Mrs Kate Hardy; Mrs Margaret Young; Mrs Dorothy Cheney; Letitia Cole.

A-V Operators:  Mr Steve Brereton; Mr Fred Hollick; Mr Robert Hardy; 
Mr Emmanuel Scott. Mr Dominic Braima.

Sound System:Mr Eric Davis;  Mr Bob Hawkins; 
Mr Emmanuel Scott. Mr Dominic Braima.


Worship Leaders: Mrs Linda Brereton; Mr Fred Hollick;
Miss Joyce Woodcraft; Mrs Melva Mann.


Communion Stewards

Mrs Hazel Davis; Mr Alan Day; 
Miss Barbara Logsdon; Mrs Jennifer Carter;
Mrs Pauline Wood


Community Outreach Projects

Co-ordinator: Mr David Young.

Connexional Link:

Mrs Pauline Wood.


Fellowship Groups:

Riverview: Mr Alan Wood

Ladies Bible Study:  Linda Brereton

Meopham Fellowship: Mrs M Young


Finance Team

Lay Chairman: Sheila Allison

Secretary: Claudette Bramble

Members: Mr Michael Butler (Treasurer); Mr Eric Davis (Property) Mrs Kate Hardy;  
Mr Robert Hardy; Mr Alan Wood ( Property ); Mr Derek Mann.


 Gravesham Churches Together

Chair: Graham Baldwin

Secretary: Mr Neil Fisher

Treasurer: Mr Michael Butler


Homeless in London Support Group

Mr Alan Day; Mrs Carol Day; Mrs Christine Harden.


Action for Children

 Mr Robert Hardy


Network Rep


Newsletter and Publicity Officer

Mr Bob Hawkins


Prayer co-ordinator

Mrs Linda Brereton


Property Bookings

Community Centre Manager

To hire our church or any of the halls please contact the Community Centre Manager
Tel. 01474 328249  or  EMail: communitycentremanager@gmail.com


Property Team 

Lay Chairman: Mr Alan Wood:   Secretary: Mr Eric Davis.


Mr Michael Butler; Mr Alan Day;

 Mr Bob Hawkins; Mr Robert Hardy; 

Mrs Kate Hardy; Mrs Margaret Young.




Coffee: Saturday: Robert Hardy

Coffee – Sunday: Robert  Hardy

Coffee – Tuesday: Robert Hardy

Sound & Music - Robert Hardy

Mini Meals: Mrs Margaret Young

Porch Stewards: Mrs Sheila Allison

Count Rota: Mrs Sheila Allison

Stewards Rota: Mrs Sheila Allison



President: Mrs Sheila Allison

Secretary: Melva Mann


Weekly News Sheet Editor

Mr Bob Hawkins / Mr Eric Davis / Mr Robert Hardy


  Property Project Outreach Co-Odinator

Mr Dave Young

21st Century Project Co-Odinator

Mr Eric Davis

21st Century Project Fundraising Co-Odinator

Mr Robert Hardy

Kenyan Childrens Project 

Miss Joyce Woodcraft

Kenyan Schools Project 

Mrs Margaret Young


Hub Manager - Mr Eric Davis

Rota - Kate Hardy


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